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Services & Pricing

Here we tell you about our services and general pricing.  Each celebration is unique and you'll receive a detailed quote today by sending us a text, email or completing the contact form!

Ceremony Services


Guests will hear your ceremony music and voices loud and clear!  Our services include set-up, wireless microphones, sound system, “day of” ceremony coordination & planning meetings to select your ceremony music & more!  Beach ceremonies are no problem and we'll make sure everything is perfect for these unique events.


Pricing for ceremonies can range from $150 to $250 depending on your needs.  A detailed estimate will be provided to you after our initial contact.

Reception / Party Services

  • ​DJ-MC

You'll have a top professional DJ-MC for your Reception!  All of our DJs have professional radio experience and strive to tailor music to the needs of your guests.  This means you'll have both a fun MC guiding your guests during the event and great music being played.  Our DJs know how to keep the party going with fun interaction with everyone at your party.


  • Music

We're experts in all music genres from classic dance music, rock & roll, disco and funk to hip -hop, R&B and more.  You will meet and plan with your DJ to ensure you have a perfect music environment for your event.

Our sound systems are stat of the art!  So, your guest will be dancing all night to quality sound that keeps them on the dance floor!


  • Microphones

We supply high quality digital wireless microphones for toasts and speeches.  

  • Planning Meetings

We work one-on-one with you to plan every aspect of your event.   As your consultant, we make valuable suggestions that ensure each phase of your reception is perfect.  You'll have a detailed reception timeline document that reflects your wishes for the reception. 

  • Dance Floor Lighting

We provide free dance floor lighting for every reception.  Our lighting is fun and exciting, which creates the right energy levels for every party.  This is all part of our "fun" theme we apply to every event!


Pricing for receptions / parties can range from $499 to $900 depending on your needs and the length of time you need.  A detailed estimate will be provided to you after our initial contact.

Lighting & Effect Services

  • ​Up-Lighting

We create amazing effects with up lighting!  We can light architectural features such as walls, pillars and tables.   Up lighting creates the "mood" for your event and will create any color you choose!  Be sure to see examples in our photos section.


Pricing for up lighting can range from $200 to $400 depending on your needs and the number of lights you need.  A detailed estimate will be provided to you after our initial contact.

  • Custom Monogram Lighting 

Imagine your name or initials in lights!   We have lots of options for you to choose from and you can have colors as well.   You'll see examples in our photo section.

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