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Think back to the last party or wedding you went to.  What's the first thing you remember about the event?  Was it the venue?  Maybe.  Could it be the floral arrangement?   Perhaps. Chances are it was the entertainment that was "music to your ears".  


It's a well known fact that an experienced DJ playing great music is key to any successful event.  Costs can be cut in many areas, but the one thing that you can't skimp on is good music played by expert DJs.

We've built an exciting DJ service in the emerald coast.  With over 15 years of both professional radio broadcasting & DJ experience, we love making every party event special by providing music and DJs that exceed the expectations of our clients.


I love the positive, professional service we offer. We hope you give us the opportunity to demonstrate our passion at your next event.  Our year ahead is looking great!  Bookings are up so be sure to contact us soon to register your event

Thank you in advance for letting us be a part of your party!

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DJ John Kasmark

Owner - Music Now! Entertainment

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